Estate Planning Family Strategy

November 10, 2022
November 10, 2022 Meissner

Estate Planning Family Strategy

Our Role as Real Estate Advisor

What is the Role of Meissner as Real Estate Advisor?

Our role as asset manager helps our clients with looking at things from a bigger picture perspective, especially regarding something as important as legacy real estate transition.

As real estate advisors, how we support the family differs from a standard property manager or asset manager. We focus our investment strategy on how to achieve family goals and investment goals, while an asset manager focuses on transactional business such as leasing, construction, and financial reporting, and a property manager focuses on day-to-day operations. The real estate advisor understands real estate, the strategies for protecting the asset and improving property value, and makes recommendations for best times to hold, sell, purchase, or refinance a portfolio according to the family’s goals. In formulating a legacy transition plan, we analyze the assets and family needs, formulate a plan, gain consensus, and then implement it.

Adding Value to the Family

To us, adding value to a family also means providing good strategic and operational advice and earning the trust of the family. A complex mix of real estate asset and property conditions create the need for our specialized expertise. The condition of the asset may entail its financial condition, occupancy stability, capital needs, as well as the family’s financial needs – how can the assets meet the family goals? The answer can vary widely between families, and we take a deeper look and give advice with these questions in mind to enable the family to make the most informed choices, whether it’s for family cash distributions, desire for capital gain, or goal to expand the portfolio and income stream. We consistently look at operating budgets, financial alternatives, capital plans, and monitor income/expenses, and provide quarterly reporting and meetings with Ownership to ensure we are on the same page.

Family Enterprises & Their Structures

Many of our clients are family offices and we have over 15 years of experience working with families that have commercial real estate assets that have, or will be, transitioned to next generation family members. In different cases, this can mean that we work with the 1st generation patriarch/matriarch, 2nd generation family leaders, and even with 3rd generation family leaders and their Trustee. Whether a client needs to execute an existing succession plan, create guidelines for family governance, or develop a “road map” to accomplish their specific needs and goals, we can help.

Our Background and Experience

Meissner Commercial Real Estate Services is a company that specializes in advisory services, asset management, and property management. We address property level issues, long term planning, and capital needs. Meissner has been in business for 30 years. Our Real Estate product types include office, retail, and industrial, and our portfolio has market value of over 1 billion, and our asset values range from $20M to $100M.

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