Property Management Accounting

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Premium Accounting Services

Meissner’s premium accounting service was designed by managers, for owner-managers, to save you time and support your management goals by providing the timely, accurate reporting you need.

Accounting Technology Solutions

Meissner clients get the best technology solutions available in the industry today. Yardi Voyager is our preferred accounting software application, and our decades of experience, build-out, customized reporting solutions, and specially programmed automation that we spent years testing to provide easily digestible reports at the touch of a button.

Financial Reporting

Financial reporting should give visibility into your assets’ performance and provide actionable insights. We provide easy-to-read financial reporting that is accurate and on-time. Why struggle with reporting that doesn’t fit your needs? Take advantage of our extensive library of automated reports or have us customize the format you need.

Budget & Forecasting

If you have Yardi but don’t use their CAM and budgeting because it’s too complicated, we can help! Meissner’s budgeting and forecasting is one of the centerpieces of our service platform. Our extensive research, expertise, and significant investment in automation set us apart as a force in the industry and help our clients develop quality budgets for monitoring and improving asset performance.

Cash Management

Clients are able to rest easy with the knowledge that Meissner provides our owner-managers with the tools and timely info they need to have peace of mind about cash management. We are keeping a constant close eye on payables and receivables to ensure that the funds needed are always there.

Accounts Payable

Invoices are received into our centralized paperless system, then scanned, coded, and processed using Yardi PAYscan via a digital workflow accessible by our clients. We customize payable workflows and approval rights for each member of your team, minimizing time spent on review and giving you better control over the timing of vendor payments.

Accounts Receivable

We process tenant payments received daily and post to each tenant’s ledger, providing always-current access to receivables and delinquencies reporting. Yardi’s CommercialCafe is an option that helps expedite availability of funds by providing a convenient tenant payment portal.

CAM Reconciliation | Audit

CAM estimating and reconciling is one of the most complex areas of commercial real estate accounting. Consequently, many unwittingly leave money uncollected in the form of unbilled CAM, especially when it is calculated using spreadsheets. Accurate CAM calculations and maximized collections start with accurate lease abstracting and are ensured with the use of automation such as Meissner has built.

Lease Abstract & Administration

Meissner handles all lease abstracts to ensure accuracy within our clients’ systems. Once that is done, we set up a system for our clients to be able to perform lease administration that is customized to their needs.

Trust Account Management

At Meissner, we take pride in our trust account management. We keep each client’s funds in separate accounts to keep things as accurate as possible.




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