Accounting for Owner-Operators

Meissner CRES provides accounting services to many owner-operator clients large and small. These are clients who perform their own management services, but utilize our accounting department to collect rents, pay invoices and prepare financial statements. With thirty years of experience providing accounting services for our own management clients, we have a keen understanding of the needs of property owners.


Meissner has a primary focus in financial services with a unique philosophy of empowerment and efficiency, as well as fully customizable systems for each of our clients. These core values allow us the ability to offer unmatched support in the financial management of every asset we service. Meissner’s accounting service is a premium accounting service for property managers, built by property managers.

Property Management Accounting

At Meissner our core values of empowerment and efficiency provide us with the ability to offer unmatched support in the financial management of every asset we service. Meissner’s accounting service is a premium accounting service for property managers, built by property managers. Each and every aspect of our platform has been tailored specifically to each of our clients.

Commercial Real Estate Accounting

Meissner takes pride in providing our clients with the best technology solutions available in the industry today. Yardi Voyager is our preferred accounting software application, complete with PAYscan, an integrated workflow-based invoice processing tool, and Commercial Café that offers vendor, owner and tenant portals for an automated and cost-effective tenant receipt and vendor payment processing solution.

Accounts Payable

All payables come into a centralized paperless system where they are scanned, coded and placed into a workflow where both Meissner and our clients have access to the digital storage. Within this workflow, we are able to set a customized approval system to meet the specific needs of each client.

Accounts Receivable

Every payment sent from Tenant, goes directly to a lockbox at the bank where Meissner has a separate trust account for each client we serve. The bank then delivers a file of all transaction information every day. This allows for an immediate availability of funds. Meissner sends all billing statements, notices, etc. to Tenants electronically when possible.

Cash Management

Clients are able to rest easy with the knowledge that Meissner takes a very involved approach to cash management. We are keeping a constant close eye on payables and receivables to ensure that the funds needed are always there. More than that, we create reserves to cover expenditures that need to be paid quickly. Every time money comes in or out of an account, we are reassessing the cash flow and making sure that our clients’ properties are solvent.

Financial Reporting

Meissner creates a customized list of financial reports to send to each client every month. These reports are general ledgers, variance reports, expenditure reports and several custom reports. We are able to customize these reports to match our clients’ systems of coding. This gives our clients the opportunity to discuss variances in a tidy, and completely customizable report that can be branded for them.

Budget & Forecasting

Meissner has made this service one of the centerpieces of our service platform. It is difficult to find anyone else who will do the extensive research that we do, or who have the expertise in Yardi that we have, that make it possible to for us to be a force in this industry to get our clients the most out of their investments. If you have Yardi but don’t use their CAM and budgeting because it’s too complicated, we can help you!

CAM Reconciliation | Audit

Meissner looks back on every year to do reconciliations and audits. We take the information we gather throughout each year to ensure that our clients are saving as much money as possible while maintaining a well-functioning investment. It is our approach to this in conjunction with budgeting and forecasting, that gives Meissner and its clients the best possible year-over-year profits.


Lease Abstract & Administration

Meissner handles all lease abstracts to ensure accuracy within our clients’ systems. Once that is done, we set up a system for our clients to be able to perform lease administration that is customized to their needs.


Meissner performs valuations for our clients to determine the current running value of their investments.


In addition to valuations, we perform a projection to show our clients what changes they can make to their investments to help them perform significantly better over the long term.

Capital Expenditure Management

This module allows the client to track expenditures, and soft / hard costs. Meissner analyzes all the data at the end of each year to determine either depreciation or amortization of the client’s investment. We then incorporate that into the CAM reconciliations over longer periods of time. Expenditures to consider are Job Costing and loan draws, which are done in real time as jobs progress. At the end of a job the total is considered and rolled up into the capital expenditure management to reconcile year-over year.

Reserve Studies

Meissner coordinates studies of this nature with third party experts as a part of our larger-scale accounting. This is a service we offer at our clients’ request.

Trust Account Management

At Meissner, we take pride in our trust account management. We keep each client’s funds in separate accounts to keep things as accurate as possible.



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