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Managing a commercial real estate investment to its fullest potential requires a property management firm with an entrepreneurial spirit, a passion to manage, and a proactive team with the knowledge and skills to add value to your asset.

At Meissner Jacquét, our primary focus is commercial property management.  We have the knowledge and experience to provide commercial real estate solutions to Retail Centers, Office Properties, Industrial Parks, and Commercial Owner Associations for institutional and privately-held investors, whether they be local, regional, or national.

Our commercial real estate services provide confidence, stability, and relevant solutions to owners of commercial space.  We maintain the highest degree of integrity while providing superior service.  Our inner drive for continuous improvement and our empowered workforce allows us to excel and anticipate client and property needs.

We pride ourselves on being the forerunner in the business of commercial real estate.

Focusing on our core business of commercial real estate management adds value not only to your asset but to you as an owner, freeing your time to focus on other important aspects of your business.

Meissner Jacquét is in business to enhance the ownership experience for our clients, to empower our team members, and to build professional, value-based relationships with our tenants, vendors, and industry organizations.

Meissner Jacquét’s goal is to increase our clients’ return on investment.

Client Testimonial

“I am impressed with the proactive ownership perspective and approach the Meissner Jacquét team takes.”  Robert E. Niendorf, Senior Director, Asset Management, TIAA-CREF Global Real Estate

As an extended member of your team, we provide sound advice and guidance, especially in the most crucial times. And, we’re not afraid to challenge the status quo.

Meissner Jacquét’s talented team of real estate professionals aligns with our clients in strategic business decisions concerning their assets by understanding and achieving ownership goals.  Our oversight allows our clients to focus on their core business and to be confident that their assets are in capable hands.  In a constantly fluctuating real estate market with unending time constraints, we provide our clients with a platform to leverage their resources.

Our strategic thinking and proven business plans enable us to deliver exceptional results and earn our reputation as trusted partners.

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Meissner Jacquet Commercial Real Estate Services


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