Case Study: Riding the Wave of Energy Management Systems

August 25, 2015
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August 25, 2015 Meissner

Case Study: Riding the Wave of Energy Management Systems

Property Name:                               Champions of the West Plaza

Property Location:                          12250 El Camino Real, San Diego, CA 92130

Property Description:                    Office, totaling 75,000 square feet

The owner of Champions of the West Plaza, a Class-A office building located in the highly sought-after submarket of Del Mar Heights, understands that buildings with a low Energy Star rating can drive away both tenants and potential investors. That’s why the property is equipped with an Energy Management System (EMS). An EMS is a suite of computerized tools that assist in the monitoring, controlling, and optimization of the performance of generation and transmission systems.

Client Requirements

When Meissner Jacquét Commercial Real Estate Services took over the property management services for Champions of the West Plaza in 2004, the building was ahead of its time, and its peers, with its Energy Management System (EMS). Ownership contracted with Meissner Jacquét and enlisted the building’s EMS into their oversight – with the ultimate goals of reducing energy consumption, improving the utilization of the system, increasing reliability, predicting electrical system performance, and optimizing energy usage to reduce costs.


With the building’s EMS real-time data, the system’s applications are able to make system changes to maintain the power distribution systems and achieve scheduled values. In addition to providing the day-to-day property management services, Meissner Jacquét also oversees Genea, a supplier that provides cloud-based software and services for property managers, tenants, owners, and building engineers to manage tenant-related services including after-hours HVAC and lights, automated submeter reading and billing, building apps, and web portals.


With the efficiencies found through Champion of the West Plaza’s EMS and Genea’s tools, the building is able to respond to customized tenant requests for after-hours HVAC and interior / exterior lighting demands. Ultimately, both ownership and tenants benefit from the EMS – ownership reduces its overall energy costs and tenants reduce their overall energy consumption. Meissner Jacquet is pleased to have the ability to continue to provide professional commercial property management services to the ownership and tenants of Champions of the West Plaza.


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