Technology and Commercial Real Estate: Competing or Complementary?

October 22, 2014
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October 22, 2014 Meissner

Technology and Commercial Real Estate: Competing or Complementary?

mj newsletter 52014 has brought positive changes to both technology and the commercial real estate industries. Key changes in the economy have made commercial real estate markets more valuable and the outlook in the coming years is positive. With all of the technological advances continued to be seen in key industries such as aerospace & defense, banking & capital markets, and healthcare, it’s now commercial real estate’s time to benefit.

Property values, among many other factors, directly affect the commercial real estate industry’s performance, much how technology impacts business efficacy. In order for symbiotic relationships such as these to thrive, key steps must be taken. Meissner Jacquet Commercial Real Estate Services is committed to advancing healthy growth – including increasing the value of our clients’ asset or portfolio, controlling costs, and growing their business. This is why Meissner Jacquet is dedicated to instituting the most advanced technology available to the commercial real estate management sector. This year, Meissner Jacquet engaged two industry-leading vendors, Yardi Voyager and CertFocus, who will enable the firm to provide their clients with access to powerful data through new proprietary portals and expandable client platforms.

Some of the improvements that Yardi Voyager and CertFocus provide to commercial real estate professionals are listed below, including overall improvements in functionality, reporting, and data accessibility.

Yardi Voyager Benefits:

  1.  Improved Data Security
    • All documents electronically stored
    • Enriched backup
    • Redundancy of data centers
    • Improved efficiency
  2. Operational
    • Utilization of functional, proven best practices technology
    • Expandable platforms to assist in business / property decisions
      1. Remote access
      2. On the go access via mobile devices
      3. Ease of use/intuitive
      4. Enhanced customer/IT support
      5. Customizable
      6. Direct access to real-time data through Portals
        • Financial Management
        • Tenant Relations
        • Lease Administration
        • Property Management
        • Asset Management
        • Document Storage

CertFocus Benefits:

  1. Operational
    • All documents searchable, retrievable, and downloadable for min. of 10 years
    • Centralized collaborative platform
    • Reduced inaccuracies
  2. Improved Certificate Compliance
    • Ensure insurance requirements and coverages are maintained
    • Improved tracking of expiration dates and deficiencies
    • Automatic check of insurance carrier for A.M. Best rating
    • Daily reporting showing non-compliant vendors
  3. Improved Efficiency
    • Automatic certificate request notification to insured and agent
    • Automatic reminder notifications until certificates are received
    • Automatic notifications for certificate renewals for expiring certificates

While technological advances – including the rapid expansion of e-commerce – may be regarded by some as disruptive trends, their consequences undoubtedly alter the commercial real estate marketplace. Full knowledge of how new technological advances impact commercial property markets is yet to be fully realized, but what is visible is that these exceptional technologies are integral to the broader goal of helping commercial real estate owners and professionals succeed.

The two Principals of Meissner Jacquet Commercial Real Estate Services have over 35 years of experience in the commercial real estate industry, and both Tim Meissner and Jerry Jacquet have made it their “personal mission as well as that of the company’s,” says Jacquet, to not only provide their clients with a dedicated commercial property management team, but also to “utilize advanced technology that will meet and exceed the business demands of today’s highly-sophisticated commercial real estate owners and industry professionals,” adds Meissner.


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