April 28, 2023 Meissner

Inspiring the Next Generation of Real Estate Professionals: Our Experience with READI

On Thursday, April 13th, we were honored to host students here at the Meissner corporate office as part of the Real Estate Awareness and Diversity Initiative (READI). This program, a partnership between the USD Burnham Moores Center for Real Estate and the Barrio Logan College Institute, aims to provide high school students in underserved communities with an opportunity to explore career opportunities in real estate.

During their visit, we had the privilege of introducing these bright young minds to the world of commercial real estate and showing them the diverse range of career paths available. Our team members spoke to small groups of students, sharing insights about their roles and what makes our company unique.

READI’s mission is to inspire students who might not have otherwise considered real estate as a career path. By exposing them to various areas of real estate, such as development, finance, property management, and asset management, we hope to have opened up new possibilities for these aspiring professionals.

Overall, it was a great night filled with excitement and curiosity, and we’re grateful for the opportunity to have played a part in inspiring the next generation of real estate professionals.


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