July 18, 2014 Meissner

Construction Management Experience a Requirement for Property Managers

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Mr. Kelly Purcell, RPA, serves as Senior Portfolio Manager for Meissner Jacquet Commercial Real Estate Services and has over 18 years of broad-based real estate management experience including the management of complex commercial properties involving a variety of financial structures, physical conditions, tenant mixes and investors.

Since Mr. Purcell’s 7 years with Meissner Jacquet, Kelly has advised on approximately 44 construction management and new development management projects. His construction management and new development management experience adds value to Meissner Jacquet’s clients by maintaining schedule parameters and budget targets. Mr. Purcell’s experience as a project manager includes supervising repair and maintenance projects, tenant improvements, and base building and capital construction projects.

Mr. Purcell’s most recent notable construction management project includes the renovation of High Bluff Del Mar, which included the renovation of property’s restrooms, the re-cladding of the common areas with high-end tile, the renovation of the property’s stairwells, the upgrading of property signage, upgrades to the elevators, major landscaping alterations, and the painting of the structure’s interior and exterior. In addition, Mr. Purcell was responsible for the oversight of more than 30 tenant improvement projects throughout the building.

Mr. Purcell’s notable new development management experience includes Bressi Ranch Village Center and Paseo Carlsbad, two distinct retail shopping centers located in Carlsbad, CA. Mr. Purcell’s new development management responsibilities on these centers included management and oversight of property operating plans and annual budgets, vendor contract and tenant lease administration, oversight of building operations, tenant relations and retention, and ownership communication to ensure adherence to financial plans and revenue targets.

Both Meissner Jacquet and Kelly’s goals for every construction management project is to ensure that projects are completed in a timely manner with minimal disruption to tenants and building operations, while remaining on budget. Paramount to every new development management project is to initiate effective and innovative cost saving measures to reduce operating expenses while improving service performance and maintaining a premier property image.


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