Does your HVAC System Save You Money?

October 22, 2014
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October 22, 2014 Meissner

Does your HVAC System Save You Money?

Ontario Refrigeration has been providing commercial air conditioning services to California, Arizona, and Nevada customers for over 55 years. With offices in San Diego, Costa Mesa, Ontario, Los Angeles, Ventura, San Jose, Phoenix, and Las Vegas, the company is ideally positioned to serve the South Western United States. Company president, Phil Talleur, is the third-generation to lead the HVAC firm. Talleur states that his “grandfather and father were both excellent HVAC technicians, and would demand that best practices were always adhered to, and insisted that all systems under our care are fine tuned for efficiency.”

Ontario Refrigeration runs its business much like Meissner Jacquet Commercial Real Estate Services says Meissner Jacquet’s Vice President, Kevin Tagle, with a focus on “delivering proven solutions for commercial real estate property needs.” This is just one of the reasons that Meissner Jacquet enlists Ontario as a best-in-class service vendor. Recently, Meissner Jacquet contracted Ontario for a building improvement at Pacific Corporate Center, a 4 star flex light manufacturing building located in the Sorrento Mesa submarket, to replace 6 HVAC units.

According to the California Energy Commission, 44% of a commercial building’s energy consumption is attributed to its HVAC systems. A building’s energy consumption is typically its largest operating expense, and HVAC systems are one of the highest – if not the highest – contributors to that expense. Ontario Refrigeration specializes in assisting commercial building owners and property managers in controlling energy expenses, with building automation solutions and comprehensive preventive maintenance programs.

Recently, utility companies have implemented incentive programs to encourage commercial building owners and real estate managers to improve the ongoing maintenance of their HVAC systems. Ontario Refrigeration has partnered with the utility companies to enact those programs. “In my forty years in the HVAC business, this is the first time that the utilities have incentivized HVAC ‘maintenance’ in such a meaningful way,” Talleur states.

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