Parking Lots: The Next Big Thing?

September 17, 2014
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September 17, 2014 Meissner

Parking Lots: The Next Big Thing?

Eduardo Moehlecke, a Senior Real Estate Manager with Meissner Jacquet Commercial Real Estate Services, is all about going the extra mile both professionally and personally. His move from hometown Sao Paulo, Brazil brought him over 6,000 miles to San Diego, California, where he has been with Meissner Jacquet since 2002.  A trek like that takes endurance, not unlike the endurance he portrays in construction management projects.

More recently, Eduardo worked with one of Meissner Jacquet’s private family trust clients in converting two office buildings into a fee-based parking lot in Downtown San Diego. On the surface the project sounded easy enough but included the expert management, and 2.5 years’ worth of endurance, of navigating city permitting and approvals.  Eduardo’s twelve years of experience in commercial property management, with skills particularly strong in the areas of owner relations, problem solving and financial analysis, proved fruitful to the client and the construction management process as he was able to successfully deliver the project while exceeding the client’s expectations.

Client Testimonial

I cannot really express my feeling in seeing the picture of the parking lot completed with its first occupants. Eduardo and Meissner Jacquet worked tirelessly to jump over the hurdles and you were confident in the knowledge that we could get it done.

Unique to this project was the dealings with multiple city groups, including the City’s Historical Resources Board Staff, who deemed the buildings as historical.  Due to alterations to the buildings’ physical integrity which disproved the historical basis, Eduardo worked with the client to determine the best use of the land based on future goals and current market conditions.  After much communication and many rounds of negotiation, the land was converted to a surface parking lot due to the high demand for parking by the patrons of Downtown San Diego.   The conversion benefited not only the city but the client, as the space went from vacant to profit generating.


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