Why an Electrician Should Provide More Than Just Electricity

November 20, 2014
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November 20, 2014 Meissner

Why an Electrician Should Provide More Than Just Electricity

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Robeck Electrical Maintenance is a full service contractor located in San Diego and has been providing superior electrical services to San Diego, Riverside and Orange Counties for over 40 years.  Robeck provides electrical and lighting maintenance services to over 500 commercial businesses and properties.

Robeck’s electrical services include:

  • basic electrical replacement of large electrical distribution and metering equipment
  • electrical testing
  • underground pipe and cable location services
  • power quality trouble-shooting & resolution
  • thermal scanning of electrical equipment for preventative maintenance
  • network & phone cabling
  • emergency lighting systems

Robeck’s contracts include monthly maintenance agreements for all commercial property types, including retail, office, industrial and commercial owners associations.  In addition, Robeck offers full-service, interior, building lighting maintenance with specific scheduling to meet customers’ needs. By appropriately outlining a commercial property’s electrical maintenance needs from the beginning, owners and commercial property managers are able to budget for expected costs and institute preventative maintenance that will reduce the need for larger repairs that require larger capital investments.

Additional services provided by Robeck include:

  • Ultrasonic straight line beam testing of steel and aluminum products used in parking lot light poles and sign support columns
  • Exterior & interior lighting fixture, motion sensor, and photo cells installation
  • Sign repair (including lamps, ballasts & neon)
  • Bird spike installation
  • Pole refurbishing

Robeck Electrical prides itself on our prompt response and 24-hour emergency assistance service.  To learn more about our services please contact us at 760-744-6880.


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