How Can You Mitigate Pest Infestation?

December 11, 2014
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December 11, 2014 Meissner

How Can You Mitigate Pest Infestation?

Everyone has pests. Some may big and some may be unseen with the naked eye.  Pest infestation can occur in both your home and your place of work.  Pestgon, a professional pest management company that serves the pest control needs of Southern California, receives calls from residential and commercial tenants alike expressing wonderment at the fact that they are now experiencing a pest problem, where there was never one before. They ask, what can we attribute to the occurrence?

Everything in nature responds to the available food supply. When there is more nutrition, especially vegetation and plants, then insects flourish and reproduce in greater quantities. As the insect population increases it then provides a greater food supply for small vertebrate pests, such as rodents. As the population of rodents grows, then the snake and critter population (such as coyotes) also explodes.

What can you do to mitigate pest infestation?  Commercial property owners and managers can initiate preventative maintenance programs with qualified, professional vendors.  Making sure to closely monitor and perform annual contract reviews and re-bidding can ensure competitive pricing, and that services are being performed according to pre-defined scopes of work.

In every commercial property, tenant happiness is of utmost importance, so whether there is a swarm of bees, spiders or rodents, ownership and management must be equipped to act fast by offering constructive solutions.  Having qualified pest management vendors call-ready is one way to maintain a positive working relationship with your tenants.

Besides securing pest management, other smart preventative maintenance steps to take to ensure tenant happiness and retention include:

  • Skilled HVAC technicians to perform equipment inspections and maintenance
  • Landscapers and landscape architects to ensure a clean and sharp appearance
  • Roofers to prevent leaks that form around roof penetrations, corners and HVAC equipment
  • Building maintenance professionals to perform window cleaning and other physical plant issues
  • Day-porters to ensure general cleanliness
  • Electricians to ensure lights are routinely checked and all bulbs are operational
  • After-hours response in the event of an emergency

While it’s fascinating to observe nature’s activity, commercial property owners and managers should take preventative measures to protect our valuable real estate and tenancies.


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