May 1, 2014 Meissner

Why Worry About Backflow?

Chemicals, bacteria or other contaminants within the customer’s plumbing can potentially flow back into the supplier’s system, creating a threat to all water consumers.

Backflow is the reversal of normal water flow due to backsiphonage (suction) or backpressure. A cross-connection between the drinking water and any potential source of contamination is a threat to public health. Fortunately, public health has improved in the United States due to water suppliers’ requirement to adhere to the Safe Drinking Water Act, to eliminate or protect cross-connections and prevent backflow.

There are many types of backflow prevention methods: air gaps, vacuum breakers, check valves, double check valves. A properly installed backflow preventer in the right application helps block the risk of contamination through a cross-connection. Water suppliers can require customers to employ specific methods to address threats in various circumstances.

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