Top 4 Challenges Facing Office Occupiers

April 25, 2017
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April 25, 2017 Meissner

Top 4 Challenges Facing Office Occupiers

Interested in what’s driving office occupiers? In an attempt to temper the uncertainties spurred by the political climate, the shift in office design and the amenities required to remain competitive, companies are juggling a lot as they search for the right mix to stay relevant. Find out the top 4 areas office occupiers see as challenging.

  1. Economic Uncertainty – According to a CBRE survey, economic uncertainty is a top three concern of commercial real estate executives as the job market and interest rate environment can affect the value of commercial assets.
  2. Skilled Labor – Due to a shortage of talented workers in affordable markets and the possibility of losing immigrant workers due to President Trump’s proposed immigration policies, employers are expanding their search to secondary markets.
  3. Reducing Waste – In order to combat looming economic challenges and optimize real estate, companies are reducing their workforce and downsizing floorplans in an effort to pursue cost-cutting initiatives and attain competitive advantages.
  4. Workplace Amenities – As Millennials continue to dominate the workforce, employers work to meet their demands for environments that incorporate design and culture with open, creative, team-oriented spaces and access to exercise facilities, food and wellness services.


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