Introducing our newest in-house expert, Joe Shakely.

February 21, 2024
February 21, 2024 Meissner

Introducing our newest in-house expert, Joe Shakely.

Introducing our newest in-house expert, Joe Shakely! We’re excited to announce our latest partnership – Yardi expert Joe Shakely has joined the Meissner team.

Joe Shakely brings over a decade of expertise as a Yardi Consultant and programmer, specializing in the creation of custom Yardi solutions. His contributions include crafting APIs that bridge third-party systems with Yardi’s Vendor Invoicing interface, facilitating seamless data migrations from platforms such as MRI and RealPage into Yardi, and designing custom financial and property report packets as well as tenant correspondence to be delivered to the necessary parties automatically.

His approach is both collaborative and client-focused, designed to optimize existing Yardi functionalities for efficiency gains, or to facilitate a smooth and seamless transition to Yardi’s advanced systems. Joe’s skill set extends to developing tailored SQL and web-based solutions, leveraging Yardi’s functionalities to meet specific client needs, or creating custom solutions if needed. He has engaged extensively with clients in both the Commercial and Residential sectors, managing tasks ranging from the conversion and import of charts of accounts to the implementation of Yardi’s Advanced Budgeting and Forecasting and Investment Management suites. This focus on delivering practical, impactful results helps clients optimize their property management processes, leading to improved operational efficiencies and financial outcomes.

Learn more about our Yardi Consulting Services here.

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