February 20, 2014 Meissner

A New Year, A New Drought

California’s Governor recently declared a State of Emergency regarding the state’s current drought conditions.  The release announced the water shortfalls have landed it in the driest year in recorded state history.

Governor Brown’s drought declaration aims to help California better prepare for the dire consequences, which points to a shortage in water supply and increased risk of fire in both urban and rural areas. The declaration calls for all California citizens to conserve water in every way possible.

Professionals in the commercial real estate industry must take action on the drought declaration by determining how to conserve water in their respective sectors.  As a full-service, commercial real estate property management company, Meissner Jacquét is acutely aware of the toll that hot, dry days can take on our clients’ commercial assets.  In order to beat the heat, Meissner Jacquét’s commercial real estate managers take preventative measures to ensure that managed buildings are compliant with fire safety codes, that water is conserved through landscaping and irrigation retrofits, and that cooling systems operate efficiently.

As retrofits can be costly,  Meissner Jacquét enlists the service of professional vendors to audit our clients’ landscape, irrigation, and cooling systems and offer practical advice regarding water-saving and efficiency recommendations, while engaging applicable incentives and rebates that focus on reducing overall cost.

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