June 10, 2020 Meissner


Disclaimer – each business is unique and requirements for you may be different than ours, please check and follow the County of SD’s requirements for your business.

The New Normal: Opening The Office Back Up Post Covid-19

After more than ten weeks under California’s Shelter at Home order, the Meissner Jacquét team is excited to start returning to the office.  What does that look like in our new normal, you ask? Lots of new signage, additional glass dividers, temperature checks, and wearing masks when not at our desks, just to name a few of the changes. Many things have changed, and we thought we would share some of the things we are doing to keep our team and our visitors safe.  Please keep in mind that each business is unique and the requirements for your business may be different than ours, so please check and follow the County of SD’s requirements for your business. SD County’s COVID-19 Website

Meissner Jacquét has remained fully operational during this entire crisis, with the majority of our team working from home and a small group of individuals in the office.  We have implemented a staggered return to the office, and on Friday, May 15th, the first wave of MJ employees returned to the office, with new COVID-19 safety protocols in place.  Below is a downloadable copy of our Safe Reopen Plan for your review, but a summary is below:

  • Posted the County of San Diego’s required document at the entrance of our business.
  • No visitors are allowed beyond the front lobby.
  • Each employee is required to check their temperature upon arrival before reporting to work and required to sanitize their hands after entering our suite.
  • Social distancing plan for the entire office, including a one-way path of travel throughout the office and new break room protocols limiting the number of people in the area at one time.
  • Masks are required when away from the workstations.
  • Because our cubicles are only 4 ½ feet tall (to facilitate that open work plan environment that was popular pre-COVID-19), we added 16 inches of glass to the top of all workstations to facilitate social distancing.
  • Increased sanitation in common areas, including sanitizing conference rooms after every meeting, and sanitizing frequent touch points and the break room three times per day, in addition to the nightly cleaning by the janitorial company.

Please Click Here To Download Our Complete Safe Return Plan

Please Click Here To Download Our Complete Safe Return Plan Signage

It is our hope that as California opens back up for business, these protocols being adopted by all businesses will keep the virus at bay and all of us safe.  We wish you, your team, and your family good health.

If you would like more information about what we’ve done, the plan created, or suggested resources for any of the work, please contact us at: [email protected]

For more information about Meissner Jacquét and our services, please go to Meissner Jacquet’s Website.